C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd (more popularly known simply as CSA®) is Malaysia’s leading decorative metal design company. CSA® uses a specialised cutting-edge aluminium technology, together with recycled alloy to manufacture excellent quality gates.

Priding itself on its unrivalled multitude of gate designs for customers’ selection, CSA® offers over a dozen different designs to choose from. Ranging from classical European-inspired designs to modernistic motifs and even themes inspired by Mother Nature herself.

One of CSA®’s most popular and eye-catching gate designs is Neutralistic Lazo, featuring impenetrable horizontal panels for enhanced privacy with a set of adorning geometric shapes inspired by ancient but everlasting Islamic art and architecture. As a grand ornament at the centre of the gate is an elaborate geometric design finished in exalted gold colour.

During the conceptualising stage of the Lazo gate, the designers at CSA® fondly pays tribute to Malaysia’s very own Petronas Twin Towers as a source of inspiration. The towers’ cross section is based on a common symbol used in Islamic art and architecture. Similarly, Lazo’s inception draws its roots from the same patriotic devotion to our homeland.
As mentioned, the Neutralistic Lazo is made using CSA®’s specialised aluminium technology, together with recycled alloy. Aluminium is the metal of choice instead of the traditional iron to make CSA® gates, because it offers many benefits.
Firstly, aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an unlimited number of times without loss of its natural properties or quality. If all the aluminium in use in the world today were actively recycled, there would be no need to dig into the earth for raw aluminium ore.
Aluminium is also 100% resistant to rust or corrosion. In comparison, iron and steel gates will eventually rust when put against the test of time. The heavy weight puts a straining toll on the autogate-system which will require frequent maintenance. The simple change of material to aluminium solves all these problems.
Aluminium is surprisingly light in weight. Most gate owners don’t care how heavy or light their gate is, as long as it does its job of securing the home. What they don’t realise is that a heavier gate puts a greater burden on the autogate system. This mechanical system that operates the gate on a daily basis will surely last longer if the gate was lighter in weight. A long-lasting autogate system means less maintenance/repair cost for the gate owner.

Moreover, since aluminium is 100% recyclable, CSA® has no qualms to buy back your gate for 20% of the price you paid (should you ever decide to change your gate).

With much confidence in their products, CSA® is providing customers exclusive benefits such as lifetime warranty for rust-free, extended colour lifetime as well as extended auto-system lifetime. CSA® gate owners can have peace of mind with CSA® backing these warranties without any annual charge.

Dedicated to give the highest quality products and professional services possible, those interested in more information may contact CSA® by calling 1800 88 3839.

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