About Ekogate™

AA 6005 T6 vs 6063 T5.

In Ekogate™, we have chosen to use 6005 T6 section rather than the common 6063 T5. Aluminium 6005 section with tempered T6 yield a better strength than the 6063 T5.

With the simulation test done to compare the 6005 T6 and 6063 T5 section, that later fails to withstand more than 500kg load. Try your luck at the free pokie downloads indian dreaming.

Anti Corrosion.

Aluminium is non-corrosive metal. Therefore, aluminium has an important role-play in the durable architecture, like the Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia. Worldwide, building contains more than 200 tonnes of aluminium.

Conventional material used to make a gate is typical iron steel that can be rusty easily, especially in high humidity environment. Low quality wrought iron and stainless steel will have this problem.


Aluminium is only 1/3 of iron steel weight. This means a gate can be lighter than a motorbike.

Modern car body and engine are made of aluminium to move faster than ever, at the same time lower the power consumed.

Long Lifespan Design

It reduces the possible crack lines of the structure due to gravity. It also reduces the burden on the T-bar bearing that holds the whole gate by distributing the weight to the structure.


Conventional gate is too heavy for human to lift it up during loading and unloading, yet this has been practiced in the industry for decades.

Elastic Properties

Ekogate™ has longer lifespan than conventional gate in terms of structure, thanks to its elastic properties. The elastic Ekogate™ allowed it to absorb the micro vibration upon movement.

Powder Coating Technology

Advance powder coating technology protects the aluminium surface from scratches or any man-made defect.

Ekogate™ is using powder coating to enhance the protection, at the same time, enhance the visual quality with the coloured powder, that matched modern housing.

Ekogate™ Features

  • Fully Aluminium
  • Lightweight
  • Rust-free
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable
  • Etc
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