4D Cubicmetal Cast Alloy

Cubicmetal Malaysia

The creativeness of CSA has always taken in many fashionable sense, not only the product design, but the design in the lifestyle of Malaysian as well as by great passion of all forms of arts.  the Cubicmetal therefore is a new concept in decorative metal works, a breakthrough for not following the traditional European style for an original Malaysian creation.


Wrought iron starts to become a trend in the late 90s in Malaysia.  However, in the earlier years, garish thick panels represent the well-to-dos.


CSA created the design series of Rural Charm featuring Padi – it is the beginning of Cubicmetal era.  Padi becomes the most copied design ever, following CSA’s Bird of Paradise, Calla Lily and others Rural Charm series concept.


CSA created new colour trend for Decorative Metal Design.  Gone is the boring black and gold.  Pastel hues e.g. CSA’s unique Amari Lento were introduced and new colour schemes like Grey Brown with Copper becomes the unique style of CSA.


The Rural Charm series continue to roam the street of housing areas in Malaysia.  The Rural Charm Series II that consists of Heliconia rostrata, Rainbow Heliconia, tree Trunk etc was launched to add to the variety of design for the Rural Charm Series.


The prelude of silhouette – the Clover was created.  The Clover is a drastic change from the loud and rich Rural Charm Series to a tranquil, symbolic representation of design concept.


CSA pushed the limit and craft the Cape Bugle Lily – a truly 3-dimensional bouquet of metal component that originality and craftsmanship shall be crowned upon.


Be spellbound by the amazing Angsana Gate. Foliage Allure is the brainchild of Glenn Wong – CSA’s creative director, the inspiration came from the clean line of silhouette and by this concept CSA wants you to have modern yet artistic metal works for your home.


CSA brought to you two version of Peace Lily.  The original Peace Lily comes with refreshing pastel hues while the other one is a fusion of Peace Lily element with CSA’s ever successful Foliage Allure Series.

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