Green Living

The Green Metal – Aluminium

Aluminium is, after iron, the most often used metal. Aluminium has a unique combination of attractive properties.

  • Low weight
  • High strength
  • Superior malleability
  • Ease of machining
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable

*Around 8 % of the Earth’s crust is aluminium in form of various minerals.

Recyclable and Sustainable

Recyclable & Sustainable
Every aluminium parts in Ekogate™ is recyclable. It is a sustainable resources that can be used in future products.

Green Label Singapore
We are endorsed by Green Label Singapore on Ekogate™ that it is a product made from more than 50% recycled contents(Cert No. 043-047).

Rebate 20% for Recycle

To encourage green living, CSA® is giving 20% rebate of the purchase price of any Ekogate™ to customers who trade in the gate. CSA® will recycle the gate into other products. It’s a win-win to customers, CSA® and our environment!


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