Rust-free aluminium gates

The classic saying, ‘out with the old, in with the new’ has never been more true especially now with the new calendar year and the Chinese New Year looming ahead. It is traditional practice of Chinese to replace many items in the house with brand new ones to expel the old year and welcome New Year.

As the main entry point to every home, it is auspicious to have the main gate replaced too. A brand new, welcoming gate will usher in the New Year’s luck and good fortune.

Malaysia’s leading decorative metal design company, C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd (also known simply as CSA) is currently running their CNY promotion with amazing deals on their wide selection of Fully Aluminium gates.

Of particular mention is the new Spring Gate Design which boasts floral motifs and bamboo shoots. Springtime is when everything starts to regrow after the unforgiving winter. Enthused by the new life of Spring, CSA’s design team believe that this design fits perfectly with the Chinese New Year festive season. The inspiring design will also match with any other occasions throughout the year.

Some people might worry that aluminium products are too flimsy to be trusted as gates. Rest assured that CSA has spent years in research and development to produce an aluminium product that is strong and tough while retaining aluminium’s natural traits of lightweightedness and corrosion-free. Aluminium is highly recyclable too. CSA offers a 20% buy-back value.

CSA is highly assured with their product. So confident that they are offering customers exclusive benefits such as lifetime warranty for rust-free, extended colour lifetime as well as extended auto-system lifetime.

Weighing against conventional iron gates, CSA’s warranties actually mean considerable savings on maintenance cost. Your aluminium gate will never rust away, the paint and finish stay on much longer and you still have warranty on the auto-system. CSA gate owners can have peace of mind with CSA backing these warranties without any annual charge.

Devoted to give the best products and professional services possible, those interested in more information may contact CSA by calling 1800 88 3839 or look up www.facebook.com/cubicmetal for the latest information.

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