Fully Aluminium Gates

Aluminium is widely known for being light in weight and also famous for its perfect 100% resistance to corrosion or rust. Most people also identify aluminium as being easily deformed and bent out of shape.

What if someone found a way to make aluminium sturdy and strong? This would result in a metal that is robust, lightweight and corrosion-free. Sure sounds an awfully lot like ‘Mithril’ from a fantasy world.

In reality, such a miracle metal really does exist, and it is made by none other than Malaysia’s leading decorative metal design company, C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd – better known as CSA. The company has spent years of research and development to craft a product that is structurally strong, but preserves the natural characteristics of aluminium’s lightweightedness and corrosion resistance.

With this marvellous material in hand, CSA uses this rust-free, lightweight yet strong material to build sturdy gates to protect homes and properties, while withstanding the harsh tests of the rain and shine of Mother Nature.

CSA offers a wide range of design options to choose from. Particularly worth mentioning is the new Spring Gate Design which goes very well with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations and also any other festivities for that matter. CSA also provides total customisation to create designs that distinctively suit your requirement. Take into consideration that CSA’s advanced manufacturing process enables your concept design to be produced exactly as visualised.

CSA is so confident with their top quality gates that they are providing customers exclusive benefits such as lifetime warranty for rust-free, extended colour lifetime as well as extended auto-system lifetime. Compared to traditional rusty iron gates, CSA’s warranties actually mean considerable savings on maintenance cost. Imagine not having to worry about your gate rusting away, repainting it every other year or having the auto system breaking down now and again due to the heavy load. CSA gate owners can have peace of mind with CSA backing these warranties with no annual charge at all.

Committed to deliver the best products and professional services possible, those interested in more information may contact CSA by calling 1800 88 3839 or look up www.facebook.com/cubicmetal for the newest information.

CSA’s CNY promotion has been extended for another month! All fully aluminium gates are included in the promotion. Benefit from this offer while it lasts, because this comes only once a year!

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