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Can Aluminium be Hard and Strong?

Imagine this scenario; someone asked you to name a type of metal that is both hard and strong. It is a good bet that steel and iron would be among the top of your list of answers. It’s no surprise that aluminium would fall near the bottom rank in this list.

However, that is only the opinion of the general public. Most people will be taken aback when they learn that aluminium is also capable of being hard and strong. These people can hardly be blamed, considering that the most common form of aluminium that everybody comes across is the aluminium beverage can, which is infamous for being soft, flimsy and easily crushed.

Malaysia’s leading decorative metal design company, C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd – better known as CSA – has spent years of research and development to produce a material that defies conventional understanding of soft aluminium, introducing an aluminium material that is structurally strong, but still preserves the natural qualities of aluminium such as lightweightedness and rust resistance.

One of the best ways, if not the best way, to make use of this wonderful, almost magical material is to make gates and grilles for home protection. Bound to be exposed to rain and shine, CSA’s gates don’t suffer from deterioration because of the characteristic of the material.

Offering a wide selection of design options to choose from, at the same time providing total customisation to create designs that uniquely suit your needs, there is simply no excuse sticking with your old rusty gate but to switch to CSA’s fully aluminium gates. Also be advised that CSA’s advanced manufacturing process enables your concept design to be produced exactly as visualised.

CSA is so certain with the greatness of their gates that they are providing customers exclusive benefits such as lifetime warranty for rust-free, extended colour lifetime as well as extended auto-system lifetime.

Compared to traditional gates, CSA’s warranties actually mean considerable savings on maintenance cost. Your aluminium gate will never rust away, the paint and finish stay on much longer and you still have warranty on the auto-system. CSA gate owners can have peace of mind with CSA backing these warranties without any annual charge.

Committed to deliver the best products and expert services possible, those interested in more information may contact CSA by calling 1800 88 3839 or look up for the latest information.

Additionally, CSA’s Year End Sale promotion is now ongoing. More information can be obtained via the toll-free number or webpage above.

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