Do you find yourself repainting your front gate every year? Are there rust stains on your driveway that are impossible to scrub off? Does your autogate system break down every so often?

These are the problems faced by many homeowners. Did you know that the source of the above dilemmas can be narrowed down to just one root cause? The problem is the type of metal used in the construction of traditional gates: iron.

Front gates are perpetually exposed to the blistering sun and pouring rain. It is no wonder that the paintwork disintegrates easily and the iron prone to rusting away. The heavy weight of iron also places undue stress on the auto system.

To solve these problems, Malaysia’s leading decorative metal design company, C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd – better known as CSA – uses aluminium to make their gates. Now, everybody knows that aluminium is 100% resistant to rust and it is very light in weight.

Problems solved? Not quite. Aluminium is also famous for being soft and flimsy. Nobody wants a front gate that can easily be kicked down! To fix that, CSA has spent years of research and development to craft a product that is structurally strong, but preserves the natural characteristics of aluminium’s lightweightedness and corrosion resistance.

Now offering a wide range of design options to choose from, while also providing total customisation to create designs that distinctively suit your requirement, there is little reason not to switch to CSA’s fully aluminium gates. Bear in mind that CSA’s advanced manufacturing process enables your concept design to be produced exactly as visualised.

CSA is very confident with their superior gates. So much so that they are providing customers exclusive benefits such as lifetime warranty for rust-free, extended colour lifetime as well as extended auto-system lifetime. To compare with traditional iron gates, CSA’s warranties actually mean substantial savings on maintenance cost. No more worries about your gate rusting away, repainting it time and again or having the auto system breaking down now and again. CSA gate owners can have peace of mind with CSA backing these warranties without any annual charge.

Committed to deliver the best products and professional services possible, those interested in more information may contact CSA by calling 1800 88 3839 or look up www.facebook.com/cubicmetal or www.csa.com.my for the newest information.

Please note that CSA’s CNY promotion is still ongoing. All of their fully aluminium gates are on promotion prices. Better hurry because CNY celebrations are ending soon.

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