Get a green gate for your home – Fully Aluminum Gate by CSA

Get a green Gate for your home - Fully Aluminum Gate by CSA

Smart homeowners know that living a sustainable lifestyle takes just a little bit of effort on their part. Most will start with changing all their tungsten light bulbs into energy efficient LEDs. Others will take the trouble to install water efficient fittings in their kitchen and bathrooms to reduce water wastage.

However, many do not realise that the gate that guards their home can be environmentally friendly as well. This innovative product was created by C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd (CSA), a leader in the traditional decorative metal industry.

Its NEUTRALISTIC range presents a complete solution to meet any home design, colour and environment requirements. The product is certified by the Singapore Green Label; this means that more than 50% of the product is made from recycled material.
So if you are going to convert your house into a green home, take advantage of this latest ‘green innovation’ from CSA. The company, which is part of the CS Group, has conducted extensive research and development to come up with a durable and structurally strong gate. The fully aluminium gate offers design versatility by taking advantage of the properties of the rust-free material.
In addition, CSA offers homeowners the opportunity to customise the design of their gate and grille. The company then manufactures the desired product using an advanced process that allows the design to be produced straight from the drawing board. This results in a product that is both unique and original.
Customers of CSA are offered exclusive benefits such as extended auto-system lifetime, rust-free lifetime warranty, as well as extended colour lifetime. The company also promises a 20% buy-back value guarantee and a 10-year warranty on the new product range without any annual charges.
CSA is prepared to stand by all its promises as it holds on strongly to its corporate philosophy of ensuring that professionalism is delivered at all times. If you want to find out more about the company or its products, please call 1800 88 3839 or pay their website a visit at www.facebook.com/cubicmetal for more up-to-date information.
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