Introducing CSA’s Airtrac™  – the latest innovation from CSA!  As the name suggested, Airtrac© is an invisible track for your gate.  This new technology has overcome the many common seen problems including exhausted or unbalanced roller moving off track due to wear and tear; the trouble of planting and hacking floor as well as the limitation in having an even floor in front of the house.  CSA creatively embed the guiding track mechanism into the body of gate and it works seamlessly with the new CSA Ekogate AIR™ Series.  You may also purchase together with AGS System.

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Airtrac Series All Aluminium Gate
Mono Air 3.5m - 4.0m (10ft - 13ft)

Airtrac Design A for gate width  of 3.5m to 4.0m which consist of 3 panels

Mono Air 4.1m - 5.5m (13ft - 18ft)

Airtrac Design B for gate width  of 4.1m to 5.5m which consist of 4 panels

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