TERMS & CONDITIONS (“T&C”) – CSA B.O.P Gate Promo Campaign 2017


This “CSA 26th Anniversary Promo – B.O.P Gate 2017” (“Campaign”) organized by C. S. Alloy Design (M) Sdn Bhd (327110-A) (“CSA”) will run from 14th April 2017 to 14th May 2017 (both date inclusive) (“Campaign Period”).

    1. Subject to these T&C, only individual who submit his/her information through CSA’s Online Facebook Advertisement submission form via INTERNET are eligible to participate in this Campaign;
    2. Based on first-come-first-serve basis, only individual who has fulfilled campaign criteria will be selected as this Campaign’s LUCKY BUYER (“Eligible Customers”)
    3. Enquiries through other channels will not entitled for this special promotion;
    4. Employees of CSA (including its subsidiaries and related companies), and their respective immediate family members are NOT eligible to participate in this Campaign.
    5. CSA shall have full rights in determine who the LUCKY BUYER is.



During the Campaign Period, Eligible Customers will stand a chance to be a LUCKY BUYER (as defined below)  PROVIDED that the Eligible Customers fulfill the following criteria: –

  1. A ONE THOUSAND RINGGIT MALAYSIA (RM1,000.00) deposit payment must be made to secure the goods production order;
  2. A photograph of Eligible Customers must be taken and it will be published in CSA’s social media channels.


    1. FIVE (5) nos. of CSA’s B.O.P GATE (“Promo Product”) each will be offered to 5 LUCKY BUYERS at special rate;
    2. The published campaign rate of RM5,500 (“Campaign Rate”) is for a B.O.P GATE (body only) with dimensions of ten feet (10’) width x five feet (5’) height;
    3. Any other charges and taxes shall be charged separately;
    4. Final pricing might increase based on other requirements, i.e. gate size, mechanism, auto-system, additional height and location of installation;
    5. Here are examples of pricing variation based on different requirements:
Gate Dimensions Mechanism Auto-system Installation Location Promo Price* (RM) Normal Price* (RM)
10’ x 5’ Swing No Melaka 6,220 12,220
10’ x 5’ Swing Yes Kuala Lumpur 7,000 12,000
11’ x 5.5’ Swing Yes Kuala Lumpur 7,210 13,260
11’ x 5.5’ Folding Yes Kuala Lumpur 8,210 14,260
*the above is approximate calculation for purpose of price variation illustration only.

*6% GST has NOT been included.


    1. Shortlisted LUCKY BUYER will be notified by CSA. The delivery of the Promo Product will be done according to typical home renovation time frame and its respective site conditions;
    2. The following additional T&C shall apply to Eligible Customers:
      1. Deposit payment is NON-REFUNDABLE;
      2. If the Eligible Customers decide to upgrade to other product, normal rate will be apply;
  • Transfer of Promo Product to any other person is neither allowed nor exchangeable for cash or kind whether in part or in full.


    1. Eligible Customers who participate in this Campaign are deemed to have expressly agreed to be bound by these T&C (as varied or changed), the decisions of CSA to the fullest extent permitted by law, to have consented to and authorized CSA to disclose their particulars to the third party service providers engaged by CSA for purposes of the Campaign.
    2. Each of the Eligible Customers are deemed to have given his/her consent and authorization to CSA to use his/her name and any photographs taken or other information approved by the Eligible Customers for current and future advertising and publicity purposes relating to the Campaign. Eligible Customers also agree to be featured in any publicity material relating to the Campaign.  No fee will be paid to the LUCKY BUYER for any of the foregoing.


    1. CSA decision on all matters relating to the Campaign will be final and binding.
    2. CSA will not be liable for any default due to any act of God, fire, flood, technical or system failure or any event beyond the reasonable control of CSA.
    3. CSA reserves the right as it deems fit to vary or change any of these T&C from time to time or cancel, terminate, withdraw, or suspend this Campaign.